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Brad Penn Oil

Brad Penn High Performance Motor Oil

Brad Penn High Performance Motor Oil


BRAD PENN® PENN-GRADE I® RACING OILS are refined from Pennslyvania grade crude oil which has been the choice of manufacturers and consumers around the world. Pennslyvania grade crude oil is a unique, thermally stable paraffinic crude that makes an excellent choice for refining into lubricant base stocks. It is free of asphalt constituents, leaving no tarry residues.Its formulation incorporates a unique cut off tower which builds a stable film that withstands high pressures, temperatures and scuffing associated with highly stressed high performance engines. In addition, it has a natural high viscosity index (90-95), and sulfur and nitrogen are present only in trace amounts. ARG'S BRADFORD refinery is the home of "THE GREEN OIL" that racers and engine builders have come to know and love. The unique Green color of PENN GRADE 1 RACING OIL distinguishes it from the competition.


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